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Powder Coating

No matter the type or size item, we will powder coat it with a flawless finish.

Powder CoatingPowder coating is the best way to custom paint an object, surface or angled material. Powder coating lasts 5 five times longer than liquid coating and can be used on surfaces for a flawless finish. The way it works is powder coating is a type of coating which is free-flowing dry powder. It is applied with a sprayer. But the difference from liquid paint application is that powder coating does not need a solvent to bind the parts together. Want to see how it works? Come in and we can discuss the process in order to make sure powder coating is the best application for you.

There are many benefits of using the powder coating method on conventional paint spraying methods. One is that powder coating does not use solvents and therefore released very little toxins into the atmosphere. This is beneficial for companies that have warehouses or machinery that comes in contact with the environment. It also helps companies comply with government regulations and standards. Another benefit of powder coating is the amount of coating can be much thicker than regular liquid coatings and like others, powder coating does not run or sag when drying.

Powder coating can also help things look flawless. Generally, there are fewer visual differences on surfaces than regular liquid coated items. We at USA Signs and Graphics use the powder coating method to create specialty effect and other designs. It is almost impossible for custom effects to be accomplished using any other kind of coating process. Therefore your business will really stand out from all the rest with custom powder coated work. This technique may be used a number of surfaces and materials. Call us today and let us discuss your needs. We are ready to coat the town with your business information!


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