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We specialize in signs, graphics, embroidery, car wraps, and screen printing.

Welcome to the premier Sign and Graphic Company on the Alabama Gulf Coast! USA Signs and Graphics is locally owned and operated in Foley Alabama and serves all of the Baldwin County areas with high-impact signage, graphics, screen printing, powder coating, vehicle wraps, embroidery and much more! Let our highly-skilled team of design artists work for you to design a sign or graphic that grabs the public’s attention and helps grow your business. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with every customer we serve. Quality craftsmanship and customer service are our top priority. We know that once you let USA Signs and Graphics produce a graphic for you, you will never work with any other company!

At USA Signs and Graphics, our design artists are the most skilled in the business. Let our team review your logo and color scheme to create a one-of-a-kind design to help grow your business. We specialize in car wraps, signs, embroidery, Power Coating, Screen Printing, and more!

Car Wraps

Car Wraps

One of our top products and services that we offer are car wraps. Car wraps are a great way to display your business information on your vehicle for marketing purposes.

A car wrap is a laminate style way to show your logo and pictures of the type of business you offer. Not only will this grab people’s attention but its a form of “forced reading.” People won’t be able to resist reading what your car wrap displays. Visit our website and review our page on car wraps and how we can design this for you.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Another service we offer is screen printing. Screen printing is designed for t-shirts, towels, bags, and other cloth-like products. This is an excellent way of creating walking advertising to showcase your business logo or design. This type of printing technique uses paint, ink, or actually metal onto a surface through a prepared screen of excellent material so to create a pattern or picture.

(Google definition) Showcase your information on all of your employees for uniformity and unique advertising. Another superb usage for screen printing is advertising a team at a business function as well as sports groups or nonprofit organizations during events. Just imagine everyone at an event being able to see your brand or business information spurring them to contact you for your services. What a great way to grow your business!



In addition to car wraps and screen-printing USA signs and Graphics skilled team offers professional hi-quality machine embroidery plus more. Embroidery is a way to make a custom design or logo using needle and thread.

This type of logo design can be added to gift bags, sheets or towels, professional business suit blazers, collared shirts, blankets, drink Huggies, and more. Embroidery is a classy way of showcasing your company brand or image for marketing purposes.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a new style of design application that comes from custom painting a surface or object with a powder coating. Just like its name, powder coating has benefits over traditional paint lasting up to 5x longer than other paint applications.

Powder coating requires the implementation of a highly skilled painter using dry powder with a spraying device to apply the paint. USA signs and Graphics skilled team can review your need for Powder Coating and discuss all colors available.

Signs and Graphics


Among all of our services and products, USA Signs and Graphics bread-and-butter are signs! Others in the industry of signs and graphics may claim they know how to create an amazingly impacting sign, but none can do what we can do! Let our skilled team design a sign for you that grabs the attention of your community and lets them know all about your business. A great sign can brand a business, and that’s what we specialize in. No job is too small or too colorful! We can do many different types of signs with many different types of materials. We specialize in exterior or interior signs, street signs, door signs, and more.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to talk with you about your sign needs. Don’t limit yourself by using any other sign company. Let us do what we do best in the sign and graphics industry, and that is creating high impact signs of all colors and styles to grow your business.


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